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〜 We will present you the spa course organized only for you 〜

We will provide you with spa course that is tailored to your needs and wants such as your budget, state of your body and mind.

Dead Sea Mud Course -------------------------
Dead Sea Mud packed with 100% natural ingredients that supplement the skin with minerals, as well as promote blood circulation and a fast metabolism. Your skin will be moisturized and detoxed from the inside out!
60 min -----
\23,000 (JPY including Tax)
90 min -----
\28,000 (JPY including Tax)
120 min -----
\33,000 (JPY including Tax)
Dead Sea Mud"onsen" Course ----------------
Heal your mind and body with Aroma treatment and
a dip in the hot spring.
120 min -----
\30,500 (JPY including Tax)
150 min -----
\35,500 (JPY including Tax)

Dead Sea Mud course --------------------------
Balances your entire body by relaxing your feet
60 min -----
\7,500 (JPY including Tax)
90 min -----
\11,000 (JPY including Tax)

Keratin Removal --------------
Moisture Retention Pack ---------
Care for Corns ----------------
10 min \1,000 (JPY including Tax)
10 min \1,000 (JPY including Tax)
\500/one corn (JPY including Tax)

Head Spa --------------------
45 min \5,000 (JPY including Tax)

Facial Care ------------------
30 min \5,000 (JPY including Tax)
60 min \8,000 (JPY including Tax)

Free Care Ticket --------------------

\54,000 “Free Care Ticket” (JPY including Tax)-----
\108,000 “Free Care Ticket” (JPY including Tax)-----
Free Care Ticket ~ We provide you with a convenient and valuable “Free Care Ticket.”

for \67,500 Service (JPY including Tax)
for \135,000 Service (JPY including Tax)

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